Window Tinting

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There are many options out there for upgrading your vehicle, and many garages offer these services. But there is one upgrade that stands out due to its uniqueness, and that’s window tinting.

Window Tinting is one of the most popular automobile upgrades in the country. Why? Because for an affordable price, you can greatly increase the aesthetic quality of your vehicle.

There are different levels of window upgrades, some being caramel tint, ceramic tint, and nanoceramic tint. The nanoceramic tint is the latest type of window tinting technology. These levels differ in terms of protection and how much heat is allowed into your vehicle at a time, blocking both you and your interior from heat. Other reasons for tinting include protection and privacy from other people looking into your vehicle.

There are laws in different states guiding the amount of tint that can be used in specific vehicle types. In Ohio, for example, the level of deep tint is about 50%. To learn more about window tinting, visit or call us at Automotive Customs.