Sema Trade Convention

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Automotive Customs goes to Las Vegas every year to attend the Sema Trade Convention for the automotive industry. Attending and walking through the convention allows them to bring back value to their city. Value in the way of learning about and purchasing up-and-coming equipment and state-of-the-art auto products. The company brings in investors far and wide, international, and multinational, through networking and contact.

With top-notch innovation, Automotive Customs also has access to automotive investors like Sema. Automotive Customs considers itself as a full automotive center – not only can they do automotive upgrades, but they also do it in higher detail.

The Types of Products Automotive Customs Brought Back from Las Vegas

●      Superchargers

These include superchargers for cars like a Challenger, Corvette, or Porsche. Automotive Customs has the capability to install superchargers to increase an automobile’s horsepower and can increase them anywhere from 150 to 800 horsepower.

●      Exhaust kits

High-end exhaust kits to give automobiles the right sound.

●      Front windshield protection program

For the front windshield protection program, Automotive Customs uses the brand SharpShield. Take Rain-x x10. With Rain-x, you apply and wipe off immediately, and what’s left is what protects your windshield. But, with SharpShield we chemically bond this to the front window and it lasts as long as six months.

If you’re interested in any of these Automotive Customs’ products, or want to hear about additional products we have found, you can visit Automotive Customs website. You can even enter to win tickets for our specialized products!