Premium Paint Protection Film Services

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We’re excited to introduce our clients to the innovative world of Paint Protection Film (PPF), a cutting-edge solution designed to preserve the factory finish of your vehicle. Situated in the heart of Cleveland, our facility is at the forefront of vehicle care technology, offering customized PPF solutions for all makes and models.

Why Choose Paint Protection Film?

  • Comprehensive Protection: PPF is engineered to defend your car’s exterior against rocks, road debris, and any elements that threaten its pristine condition. This specially formulated plastic shield is your best defense against the everyday wear and tear of driving.
  • Custom Fit: Utilizing advanced plotting technology, we tailor the paint protection film precisely to the year, make, and model of your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit for the parts of your car most vulnerable to damage.
  • Self-Healing Technology: One of the most remarkable features of PPF is its self-healing properties. Minor scratches and dings disappear before your eyes, maintaining the flawless appearance of your vehicle’s exterior.
  • Color Versatility: While many customers prefer the classic clear film, we offer PPF in various colors, including black and even pink, to match or accentuate your vehicle’s design.

Whether your vehicle requires a template-based application or a custom fit is necessary, our skilled technicians at Automotive Customs are equipped to provide impeccable service. Our dedication to quality and attention to detail ensures that every vehicle we treat with PPF not only retains its beauty but also its value over time.

Paint Protection Film represents a long-term investment in your vehicle’s aesthetics and integrity. Whether you’ve just purchased a new car or you’re looking to keep your current vehicle in top condition for years to come, PPF is an essential addition.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your vehicle’s finish. Visit us at Automotive Customs in Valley View, or call (216) 232-4158 to schedule your PPF application.