Paint Protection Film (PPF)

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Many people care for their cars like they would a child, so it’s no surprise when people head out to the garage during the weekend to give their “babies” a day at the spa. One of such cares that can be given to cars is a PPF, also known as a pre-protection film.

A pre-protection film is a material used by car mechanics to preserve the aesthetic quality of a vehicle’s body. This covering is a tarp made of polyurethane, which, in other words, means plastic. It is a thick cover and can be used on the front and back bumpers, fenders, hood, doors, and the boot cover; basically, every surface that is not glass.

If you’re wondering why this material is so readily accepted across the United States, it is because it is durable, tough, prevents scratches, and, surprisingly, is puncture resistant.

Another reason why it is widely accepted is that it is invisible; you might never notice when you place it on your vehicle., but it does its job wonderfully.

However, there are many ‘fakes’ of this material made, and you might not be able to recognize this until it yellows out. Something that does not happen with the original material. You can get the best quality at our garage, Automotive Customs, so visit to schedule an appointment or learn more!