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Automotive Customs specializes in providing full custom car interior and exterior detailing services. Brian, a technician on staff at Automotive Customs talks about the downside of opting for a cheap car wash, noting that they don’t provide the thorough cleaning that a full detailing service would, leading you to go back sooner than preferred.

At Automotive Customs, when a customer drops his/her car off, we take care of not only the interior, but the exterior as well.

With detailing, we offer complete packages for clients. Our bronze, silver, and gold packages are designed to address different issues, such as angle swirls, marks, water spots, and scratches. In addition, we offer buffing and polishing of your vehicle!

One of the advantages of using Automotive Customs is the convenience of dropping off your vehicle and letting the professionals handle everything. Also, the time between dropping and picking up your vehicle will depend on the deal, package, and what the customer really wants; however, we give an estimate of two to three hours or longer.

Brian states that to get the best experience with scheduling and the detailing service, to head to  or call the company directly to make an appointment.