Ceramic Coating

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Manny, who is owner and staff at Automotive Customs, discusses the benefits of ceramic coating for vehicles. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to a vehicle’s surface on a molecular level. This coating creates an extra layer of protection, much like a turtle shell, that can keep the car looking great for a longer period of time, while increasing the value and resale price. Ceramic coating protects against harmful UV rays, chemical stains, water spots, scratches, and swirls.

The type of ceramic coating Automotive Customs uses is “CilaJet,” an aeronautical brand of ceramic coating used on Boeing 747s and many other airplanes. This coating is one of the main reasons airplanes are able to move as fast as they do, especially during extreme temperatures. Therefore, if the brand is good enough for an airplane, it is definitely good enough for your vehicle!  Automotive Customs believes that CilaJet is the best ceramic coating out there and recommends that anyone who wants to get a ceramic coating should get it from Automotive Customs.

Check out www.AutomotiveCustoms.com to learn more about ceramic coating and their services. In addition to ceramic coating, the website offers more information about what Automotive Customs does, other videos to watch, and an option to schedule an appointment or consultation.