Capture Your Car’s Beauty at Automotive Customs

At Automotive Customs, we understand the pride and joy you take in your vehicle. It’s not just about the functionality; it’s about the statement it makes, the style it exudes, and the personal connection you share. This understanding has led us to offer a unique service that goes beyond traditional automotive care—automotive photography against the backdrop of our specially commissioned mural by the renowned artist Kat Sauder.

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Why Choose Our Photography Wall?

  • Personalized Photoshoots: After servicing your vehicle, we invite you to celebrate its renewed splendor with a photoshoot against our vibrant mural or our iconic logo wall.
  • Unique Artistic Backdrop: Our facility features a mural created by the acclaimed artist Kat Sauder, offering a unique and eye-catching backdrop that complements the beauty of your vehicle.
  • Versatile Photography Options: Whether you prefer the indoor mural for a controlled environment or the outdoor logo for a change of pace, we provide the perfect setting to capture your vehicle in its best light.

The Automotive Customs Experience

  • All-Inclusive Community: We pride ourselves on being a space where every car enthusiast, regardless of the type of vehicle they own, can feel included and celebrated.
  • Capture Your Hard Work: Your vehicle represents your hard work and passion. We offer the perfect opportunity to immortalize that dedication through professional-grade photography.

Don’t miss the chance to showcase your vehicle against a backdrop as unique and special as your ride. Visit Automotive Customs in Valley View, Ohio, for top-tier automotive services and a photoshoot experience that adds that extra touch of class and distinction to your vehicle. Reach out to us at (216) 232-4158 to schedule your service and photoshoot today.