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Home of the $49.99 Oil Change

Looking for a fair auto repair shop that gives you fair pricing?
Look no further than Automotive Customs.
we customize your repair and auto needs to fit you!


We also specialize in general car service. Keeping your car up to date on all its regular maintenance is critical for automotive longevity. Your vehicle is in the hands of car enthusiasts when you bring it Automotive Customs. We take pride in even the most routine and simple tasks that pay dividends to your car’s overall condition.

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BMW jacked up


At Automotive Customs, we offer a large selection of cosmetic and styling options to make your car look as good as it possibly can. Got an idea for your car’s design? We can help you fulfill that vision! Our passion is to make automobiles look fantastic and have our customers be excited to show them off. So if you have ideas for an incredible design, give us a call, and we can start getting your concepts out of your head and onto your car!



Are you looking for something to be done under the hood? Please bring it to us! We specialize in upgrades and Accessories for all types of cars. We can do everything from installing turbos to light tuning. Not sure what you want? We can walk you through your options for your vehicle! Automotive Customs is dedicated to getting the most performance out of your car while also being a cost-effective option.

Vette in shop

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